Mile-High Defense: Conquering Colorado Critters with Expert Insect Control

Protect your lawn’s health and beauty with our targeted insect control. Our services effectively combat pests, securing your outdoor space.
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One of the most common insect problems for homeowners in Colorado is the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica). These beetles are voracious feeders and can cause significant damage to a wide range of plants, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. They are particularly attracted to roses, linden trees, birch trees, grapes, and other ornamental plants commonly found in Colorado landscapes. Japanese beetles can defoliate plants, weaken their health, and even lead to plant death if left unchecked not to mention severe grub damage to their lawns. Managing Japanese beetle populations can be challenging, but by utilizing Weston for their professional lawn care services we can prevent problems before they occur

Expected Outcome With Our
Pest Control Programs

Experience a comprehensive and tailored approach to lawn protection through our insect control treatment. Our skilled team will perform a detailed assessment and apply precise treatments, addressing the unique needs of your lawn.

Mosquito Control

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Our mosquito control services aim to combat these pesky insects in and around your property, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space without being bothered by bites or buzzing. We use industry-leading techniques to effectively treat and prevent mosquito infestations, providing you with an added layer of protection against mosquito-borne diseases.

Perimeter Pest Control

Protect your home from pests with perimeter pest control. Our specialized treatment creates a barrier around your property, preventing pests from entering your home.

Grub Control

Our grub control services effectively eliminate destructive turf grass pests and larvae that can damage your lawn. Our team of lawn experts will ensure a healthy and lush green space.

What is Perimeter Insect Control?

Perimeter insect control is a strategic and effective approach to safeguarding your home or property from unwanted pests. This method involves creating a protective barrier around the perimeter of your space, typically using specialized insecticides. The objective is to prevent insects from entering the premises and to interrupt their breeding and nesting patterns near the structure. Professional technicians carefully apply treatments to key entry points, such as windows, doors, and foundation cracks, forming an invisible shield that acts as a formidable defense against pests. Perimeter insect control not only addresses existing infestations but also serves as a proactive measure to keep your living or working environment insect-free, promoting a healthier and more comfortable space for all.

What Bugs Can You Keep Out?

Elm seed bug: This insect feeds on the seeds of Siberian elm and can cause nuisance problems by moving into buildings in summer and early autumn.

Boxelder bug: This insect is slightly larger than the elm seed bug and has distinctive orange-red striping. It can be common indoors from autumn through most of spring. 

Stink bug: These shield-shaped insects are crawling into houses all over Colorado right now, just itching to set up a winter camp in your warm, cozy abode. You’ll recognize these insects by their marbled or streaked appearance. They can be managed by sealing cracks and crevices on the exterior of buildings so the insects cannot enter. 

Lacewings: These insects are common transient residents of homes in Colorado that enter buildings in autumn. 

Notice A Bug Problem?